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Self-Managed Abortion Comics

Look through comics where We Testify abortion storytellers partnered with artists who’ve had abortions to illustrate their stories and help more people understand why and how someone might choose to self-manage their abortion.

(Available in English and Spanish) 

The SAFE Study

Read this study to find data on the effectiveness and safety of self-managed medication abortion with accompaniment support.

(Available in English and Spanish)

A Podcast To Introduce Self-Managed Abortion

Here you can listen to a podcast episode that defines self-managed abortion, talks through what it means to feel safe and supported, and offers insight into global organizing efforts for self-managed abortion access. (Transcript available in English & Spanish)

Self-Managed Abortion and the Law

Read commonly asked questions and answers about self-managed abortion and the law. (Available in English & Spanish)

Making Abortion A Crime (Again)

Read this memo to understand more about how extreme prosecutors attempt to punish people for abortions in the U.S.

The Fundamentals of Reproductive Justice

Head over to SisterSong’s website to learn about the reproductive justice movement.

Abortion Storyteller Interviews

Read through these We Testify Abortion Storyteller interviews for greater insight into the unique and personal experience of having an abortion and a more nuanced understanding of abortion access. 

Medical Abortion and Self-Managed Abortion: Frequently Asked Questions on Health and Human Rights

Find answers to some frequently asked health and human rights questions about medication abortion & self-managed abortion.

(Available in English, Spanish and French) 

Reproductive Justice With Dr. Jamila Perrit

This episode of The V Word Podcast, hosted by two awesome gynecologists, talks with Dr. Jamila Perrit about the central tenants of the reproductive justice movement.

Decriminalizing Self-Managed Abortion

Learn more about state-specific efforts and legislation created to decriminalize self-managed abortion.

Toolkit for Advocating for Self-Managed Abortion

Learn about the barriers to in-clinic care and use these illustrations and other tools to educate about abortion access in your community.

How Activists Can Prepare for a Post-Roe World

In this webinar, you will receive training on how to spread the word about self-managed abortion within your community.

M+A Hotline

The Miscarriage and Abortion Hotline can be reached by phone or text and will connect you with physicians who can provide expert advice on self-managing your miscarriage or abortion.

Self-Managed Abortion; Safe and Supported (SASS)

Here you can find information and support around self-managed abortion from SASS, a site that works to reduce any negative health impact associated with unsafe abortion methods and to ensure that self-managed abortions are as medically and legally safe as possible. (Available in English & Spanish)

Reprocare Healthline

The Reprocare healthline provides medical information and peer-based emotional support for planning or having an abortion with pills at home. (Available in English and Spanish by phone call or text)

The Story of Abortion Pills

Watch this 1-minute animation to learn more about self-managed abortion.

How We Know That Criminal Abortion Laws Don’t Protect Women from Violence

Read this memo to understand the connection between criminal abortion laws and violence against women.