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The Abortion On Our Own Terms Campaign is thrilled to share our workshop: Self-Managed Abortion 101 with a Reproductive Justice Lens.

By hosting this workshop for your staff, leaders, members, or in the community, you will help participants to create a shared understanding of what a self-managed abortion is, how communities historically managed abortion care from a decolonized framework, and understand the risks around criminalization.

This is a 75 minute, interactive workshop. The workshop encourages participation from the audience with quizzes and small group conversation, and can be done in person, in hybrid settings, or totally online.The workshop has also been transcreated into Spanish and will be available on here soon!

  1. Information on how to host a training (see pages 1-5 in the Trainer Script)
  2. A trainer script for trainers of the workshop (pages 6-19 in the Trainer Script)
  3. A link to share an evaluation form with your workshop participants (see page 18 of the Trainer Script for the link)
  4. A PDF of the “slide deck” to present during your workshop, which goes along with the trainer script
  5. A social toolkit to help promote your workshop event
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