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Mife & Miso
Abortion. Any Time. Any Reason.
Todos Amamos A Alguien Que Se Ha Hecho Un Aborto
Your Reason Is The Right Reason
Digital Privacy Tips

There are many ways to protect your privacy when using a computer or phone. Here are some recommendations from the Digital Defense Fund. Read their full guide here.

Use privacy-enabled browsing
‍Privacy extensions and privacy-enabled browsers don’t track or store your personal information when searching + browsing.

Turn off location services on your phone
Turn off location services to avoid your physical location being tracked. You can also turn off your phone entirely.

Download an encrypted text/chat service
Use an encrypted chat service like Signal when texting about private information.

Create a secondary email address
‍Use an encrypted email provider like ProtonMail when emailing about private information.

Download a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
‍Using a VPN like Psiphon will hide your device’s IP address even if you are using public or shared Wi-Fi.