Stigma-Free Zone

“I’m taking a pregnancy test soon and if it comes back positive, I will need an abortion. I cannot get medical access to one. Your information may have saved my life.”

~ Stigma Free Zone attendee

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The Abortion On Our Own Terms Stigma-Free Zone (SFZ) is an experiential art installation that invites participants to co-vision a liberatory future for reclaiming abortion.

The exhibit tells the story of self-managed abortion now and an empowered vision of SAFE & SUPPORTED SELF MANAGED ABORTION for the future, with compassion, realness, and defiance. Grounded in our community’s safety and realities, we dream into a future of full and free access without fear or risk of criminalization.

The Stigma-Free Zone engages the most impacted constituencies of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, youth, and immigrant communities in hands-on education around self-managed abortion. The Stigma-Free Zone is hosted by the Abortion On Our Own Terms campaign.

The Stigma-Free Zone has been seen by thousands of people and has traveled to multiple conferences across the nation including: SisterSong’s Let’s Talk About Sex, Race Forward’s Facing Race, State Innovation Exchange’s State Legislator Conference, and Creating Change, the national LGBTQ+ conference hosted by the Task Force.

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