About Us

Who We Are

Abortion On Our Own Terms is a national campaign that uses culture change and advocacy to make safe, effective self-managed abortion accessible to all people without stigma or legal risk.

What We Do

We use digital and in-person organizing and advocacy, offer free workshop resources and immersive art experiences to engage and educate people and create thoughtful advocates, and support our partners in delivering the most timely and helpful information on self-managed abortion and abortion pills.

Our Partners

The Campaign works with 120+ partners around the country to engage audiences on self-managed abortion. Click here to get more information about becoming a partner.

Our Vision

We believe that self-managed abortion is a basic human right.  We envision a world in which:

People who self-manage their abortions are surrounded by support and care options including legal, medical, emotional, logistical, and economic help; doulas; accompaniment networks and community-trained home providers

Abortion pills are available over the counter, with no age restrictions, and covered free of cost by private and/or public insurance

People have access to information and skilled practitioners necessary to support the use of herbs and other traditional and community-centered practices for pregnancy relief 

No one faces legal punishment for accessing or supporting self-managed abortion and all people are able to self-manage their abortion free from the harms of deportation, family separation and intimate partner violence. All people seeking abortion are supported and celebrated.

Our Leadership

Nancy Cárdenas Peña

Campaign Director, Nancy Cárdenas Peña (She/Her/Ella) is a policy expert and an organizer at heart advocating at the intersection of im/migration and reproductive justice with a desire to see communities exercise their full bodily autonomy. Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, she lived in Mexico before returning to the United States and continuing her public education. Nancy graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in political science. She worked for the City of Austin developing and promoting the passage of local level reproductive healthcare initiatives and served on the Commission for Women. She is also a part of the Texas We Testify cohort, a group of abortion storytellers seeking to advance narratives around abortion access. Nancy was also a board member of the Frontera Fund, an abortion fund that exclusively serves the Rio Grande Valley with practical support and abortion needs. Nancy is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Media and Press

For media inquiries please contact:

Digital Privacy Tips

There are many ways to protect your privacy when using a computer or phone. Here are some recommendations from the Digital Defense Fund. Read their full guide here.

Use privacy-enabled browsing
‍Privacy extensions and privacy-enabled browsers don’t track or store your personal information when searching + browsing.

Turn off location services on your phone
Turn off location services to avoid your physical location being tracked. You can also turn off your phone entirely.

Download an encrypted text/chat service
Use an encrypted chat service like Signal when texting about private information.

Create a secondary email address
‍Use an encrypted email provider like ProtonMail when emailing about private information.

Download a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
‍Using a VPN like Psiphon will hide your device’s IP address even if you are using public or shared Wi-Fi.